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Technology Platform «Industry of The Future» was created in 2011

On February 21, 2012 the Presidium of the Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation decided to include the Technology Platform «Industry of The Future» in the list of technology platforms approved by the decision of the Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation from April 1, 2011.

Technology Platform «Industry of The Future» assists industrial enterprises, educational and scientific organizations in the development and implementation of innovative technologies, provides scientific and industrial cooperation to solve actual problems of industrial enterprises – actors TP «Industry of The Future». The functioning of TP «Industry of The Future» as a participant in the innovation process is interdisciplinary in nature and aimed at ensuring the development and adaptation of the advanced technologies at all stages of the life cycle of high-tech products in order to create conditions for effective modernization of complex technical products to ensure Russia's access to new markets and formation of innovative vector development of the real sector of the economy. The implementation of the goals and objectives of TP «Industry of The Future» implies active development of international cooperation. One of the key activities of TP «Industry of The Future» is creating conditions for effective borrowing and adaptation of the best European and international practices in the field of innovative industries to the Russian conditions.



  • To create conditions for effective modernization of manufacturing of the complex technical products using high-tech simulation systems, ensuring Russia's access to new markets, the formation of the innovative vector of the industrial development;
  • To establish new high-tech companies, including with the participation of foreign firms, the expansion of high-tech small and medium-sized businesses and to improve conditions for its growth, the formation of new directions of the development of the information technologies;
  • To provide additional inflow of private (including foreign) investment in the development of advanced technologies, the development of high-tech industries using information technology (including computer simulation);
  • To create technologies and integrated systems of training, retraining and advanced training for the development of the high-tech engineering and other high-tech sectors of the economy;
  • To solve economic and social problems by creation of the high-tech industries and increasing intellectualization of the processes associated with the production and operation of high-tech systems.



  • Development and implementation of the strategic research program, defining of the medium- and long-term research priorities, the formation of a unified, economically sound scientific and technical policy in the development, production, usage and disposal of the new types of the high-tech products;
  • Consolidation of the scientific, educational and business communities and their resources for the implementation of state, federal, departmental and other programs aimed at the creation of high-tech systems, alignment of the mechanisms of scientific and industrial cooperation;
  • Development and implementation of the state standards in the field of the life-cycle management of high-tech systems, defining of the principles of the development of standards, certification systems;
  • Improvement of the competitiveness of the high-tech sectors of the economy by the introduction of FDI (CALS) technologies in the practice of designing, production, operation, repair and disposal of the equipment models;
  • Introduction of the integrated management systems development and production of high-tech systems to Russian enterprises to ensure rapid technological innovation and enterprise development;
  • Development of proposals for the improvement of the legal (technological) framework in order to accelerate the introduction of modern technologies in the development, production, operation of the high-tech systems.




    • Computer architectures and systems
    • Tlecommunication technologies
    • Processing and analysis of information
    • Electronic components and electronic devices, robotics
    • Predictive modeling, operation of the advanced systems
    • Information security
    • Algorithms and software

    • Structural and functional materials
    • Hybrid materials, converging technologies, biomimetic materials
    • Computational simulation of materials and processes
    • Diagnostics of materials


    • Perspective transport and space systems



The implementation of the goals and objectives of the TP "Industry of The Future" involves active development of the international cooperation. TP "Industry of The Future" participates in international forums and conferences, cooperates with various international organizations and foreign companies, contributes to the development and implementation of the perspective projects of international importance by establishing science-production cooperation (including formation of consortia with international participation).

One of the key projects of the TP "Industry of The Future", being implemented as a part of the international cooperation is the establishment of the International training centre of new production technologies, aiming at the training of engineering personnel of a new type, possessing multidisciplinary knowledge and being capable of managing the entire designing and production cycle of the high-tech products made of modern and advanced materials.



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